[SOLVED] Linux client build idea

Would it be possible to build the linux client as a flatpak or appimage? This would be a lot more portable between distros and would be less ‘messy’ than using the current tarball method not to mention the app itself will be sandboxed if it was built as a flatpak. My apologies if this would be more appropriate in the ‘developers discussion’ area, but it seemed more like a ‘feature request’ to me

Hi @mm-user,

Thanks for your suggestion!

Could we have your help taking a look at the existing Linux-related posts on our feature ideas forum and up-voting the feature that might be closest to what you’re looking for?

If you don’t find anything in the above link, please help create a feature idea post on the forum where you, and others, have up to 10 votes to up-vote the idea.


The Desktop is now available as a snap, but is not yet documented (expecting it in the next few days). If you have snap installed on your system, you can get the Desktop app like this:

snap install mattermost-desktop --beta

For more info about snaps: https://snapcraft.io/
And to get snap on your distro: https://snapcraft.io/docs/core/install

I can work with snaps, it’s way better than a tarball (I think with Ubuntu going to Gnome in future that flatpak’s are where everyone will end up in the long term but that’s another story.). Thanks for your work guys.

Thanks @JeffSchering and thanks for your feedback @mm-user!

The snap was easy enough to get running, my linux rig is not running ubuntu, so snaps had some selinux alerts that I had to create modules for and you have to run it from cli because it doesn’t create any menu/desktop icons (hopefully this is because i’m not running snaps in ubuntu and not that snaps don’t create icons), but mattermost-desktop works as a snap. I created a .desktop in my autostart folder so it autolaunches at login which works for me. Thanks again @JeffSchering

Thanks for your feedback @mm-user!

I’ll close this issue off for now but if you have any further questions, please do let us know!