[SOLVED] Maintaining a level of privacy in Mattermost

Currently, I am working with a team of people in my organization and we are evaluating if Mattermost would be a viable solution to replacing our “Hot Chats” application that is tied to our phone system. Opensource, self-hosted and webhooks make Mattermost the attractive option over our “Hot Chats”. However we got into a privacy debate about direct messages and their feed, the concern is not being able to clear a direct message feed, and this is not about clearing messages from existence but from view, what is nice about our “Hot Chats” is that if you open a direct message with someone and then close it, the conversation is logged but the message history is gone from view. Is there any way to achieve the same functionality in mattermost?

Not without changes, to the source code.

What it does is, once you initiate a DM it creates the channel permanently and then just sets a preference in your profile to either true or false for that channel which indicates if it will be displayed in your DM list or not. When you close it, that preference is set to false rather than the channel being deleted.

You would have to submit a feature request for it at https://mattermost.uservoice.com/

Thank You, I have put in the feature request,

Here is a link to the request,

Thanks @mcarpenterjr!

I’ll close this issue off now and we can track via your feature request above.