[SOLVED] Native iOS App not for iPad?


I’ve seen that unfortunately the native Mattermost App does not support IPad’s, and running them either in “IPhone mode” on the tablets is not quite comfortable.

Are there plans to improve this?

Also the app does not allow to save pictures from a chat to the IDevice. Doing a long touch on the picture (in the chat or at least in the full preview) I’d expect a “Save photo” and “Open in …” menu as in every IOS app.

Hi @netmax,

Appreciate your feedback,

iPad is not yet supported but the team has it on their radar, as is saving pictures from a chat to the device.

Hi @lindy65,

awesome, thanks for the feedback! :grin:

Unfortunately I’ve reproducable issues with the classic app on both IPad’s … I’ve created a thread in the Troubleshooting forum.

Thanks @netmax,

Could you post a link to that thread for continuity?

Hi @lindy65,

sorry for the delay, I’m traveling. Her’s the link:
IOS Mattermost Classic: Certain Messages are not sent to the server

Thanks @netmax,

I’ll close this issue off and we can track via the above link.

Is there really no need for native apps on tablets?! Come on guys. Do some voting here https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/20082079-add-a-tablet-ipad-version-of-second-generation-m

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@lindy65 Why did you delete your post with the Jira link? I can’t track the ticket anymore.

It seems to me a little weird that the app supports iPhone while there is no soup for iPad models. I have been always thinking that iOS apps are available to both iOS devices. Seems I was wrong:joy: