iOS App It's time to talk about it

Hi all,

It is very sad to see an app like that performing so pourly. Using it feels like using a limited browser and it should be far from that since it’s a native app.

  • The app struggles to handle wireless connections issues. “connecting” “connected” “pull to update”.
  • It takes time to display messages.
  • It is always “loading”.
  • The updates are not fluid. The screen is always blinking.
  • Lack many features available in the browser.
  • Asking for user intervention whenever there is an issue. “please push to reload”, “click to try again”.

Why doesn’t it behave like any other native app such as imessages or skype or whatapp or hipchat or slack? The app doesn’t feel solid.

MM iOS native app is crude and it’s been many months without any major improvement.

I think its time for you guys to seat down and rethink the hole thing.

Look into your competition and compare with your current app.

Plan what needs to be achieved and design a solid app’s core to be able to handle it.

Let the app get the message data, save it locally and handle them as required. Layout and other features.

Develop a smart app. If disconnects display a notification but as soon as it reconnects, resume activities on its own.

Queue users commands in the app like sending or modifying messages and execute them when possible.

I’m here if you need input/feedback.


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Hi @RbDev,

Feedback is much appreciated! I have forwarded it to our mobile app team and I’ll let you know their thoughts.

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Do you got any thoughts from your mobile app team since Nov '18? Please share it with other readers too. Thank you!

Hi @mattermut,

A summary of our discussion with RbDev can be found here on our community instance:

Also, a list of Jira tickets were opened for improving app behaviour during poor network:

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Hi, everyone.

In case you would like the visibility of the discussion performed without going to the Community instance:

Missing messages: Missing Messages on iOS App
Repro (not consistent): User gets a notification, opens from tapping on notification or just opening the app, new messages coming in, but the message from the push notification is missing in the post list. Without intervention, missing messages don’t appear ever. Force refresh (pull up) then the messages appear, or if cache is reset

Suggestion 1: When app gets focus, send a ping to server to check the latest message in the channel and compare it to the latest message on the server. If client is behind, pull the messages in order
Suggestion 2: Easy fix: force to refresh when app is focused

Duplicate messages being sent
Repro (not consistent): Send a message in a bad network (ie metro), observe occasionally the message is posted twice (duplicate messages are visible on webapp and in database as well)

Suggestion: Messages should each have unique ID and the server checks the ID to make sure it shouldn’t post it again.

Android Server URL issues
Repro: Logging out and trying to switch servers, enter in a new server, but it cannot connect and doesn’t let the user past the server URL screen
Work around: Force restart the app (only works once)

Session expiry not sending push notifications
Feedback that the session expiry time should be longer or removed by default.

Hope that helps. The mobile team hears you, so stay tuned as they address each issue one by one.