Reports of slowness in Mattermost mobile apps

We have received a few reports of slower loading times in the Mattermost mobile apps, and are investigating it.

If you have experienced slower performance since the most recent mobile app update, please let us know and help provide the following information (either from yourself or others on your team experiencing the issue):

  1. What device are you using?
  2. What OS do you have?
  3. Is your phone rooted/jailbroken?
  4. (If available) What type of connection and bandwidth does your phone have?
  5. Is there particular times when slow performance is happening. Examples: on animations, waiting for data, waiting for the app to load, etc…
  6. Describe what feels slow to you and why? For instance, switching channel, teams, etc.

All help is greatly appreciated and helps us narrow down the issue.

  1. iPhone 6
  2. iOS 10 (latest)
  3. No.
  4. LTE, home wifi hooked up to 75mbit FiOS… shouldn’t be bandwidth
  5. High conversation flow, or many messages since last-checking.

And it’s not the home network, as my MacOS MM client doesn’t have these issues.

Thanks @danmcd, this is super helpful. Appreciate it.

I added one more question for what feels slow to you and why? For instance, switching channel, teams, etc.

6.) I only have one team on the iOS client. It’s channel switching, dealing with a large number of back-messages, and in particular when people are typing things tend to seize. No user input works, I’m literally just stuck.

Thanks @danmcd! Have forwarded this to our developers. Much appreciated!


  1. IPhone 6s
  2. IOS 10.3.3
  3. No
  4. Outbound 50/10 MBit, Inside 2.4/5G WiFi (Ubiquiti)
  5. Connection time, even inside the LAN

The connection time is much too slow, even inside the LAN.

  • Push notification shows an incoming message
  • Opening MM app
  • It takes about 3-4 seconds (!) until the app connects and gets the chat content.

I don’t want to compare with IMessage which is deeply built into the OS, but users compare with WhatsApp! Both are 3rd party apps and if you open WhatsApp after a push notification the chat is already there! On a slow mobile connection you might see the “Connecting” in WA for milliseconds, but that’s all.

MM is far beyond that even in the own WiFi/LAN environment and that’s not accepted by the users.

Apart from this, the number tag at the app icon showing unread messages is not updated correctly and you need to change between chats to correct this … but that’s a different story.

Thanks for the feedback @netmax,

I’ve forwarded it to our developers …

  1. iPhone 7
  2. iOS 10.3.3
  3. No
  4. Wifi 30/30 Mbit, LTE 130/30
  5. Opening the app to read Push Messages (always about 1sec “Connecting”)
  1. Galaxy S7 (Verizon)
  2. Android 7.0 (August security patch level)
  3. No
  4. This was on wifi
  5. Worst lag seems to be when opening the app from a notification.
  6. Basically the app is choking/hanging on something and i think my tap on the notification isn’t going to take me to that message, so I click the channel in the channel bar, but it was already on its way there, so then I send up in the wrong channel and made something marked as read when I just wanted to see the notification message.

Thanks everyone! A few of these issues are in progress, below is a list of tickets we’ve created thus far:

Here’s also a couple of pull requests that address performance issues mentioned above: