iOS App Changing Channels Issue

Hello all,

mm server: 5.29.0
iPhone: 14.2.1
mm iphone app: 1.37.0

I’ve noticed this issue with the mobile app(web is fine) when changing channels and teams, the app starts refreshing multiple times and stops at some point, it ends displaying the wrong channel.

This was happening on older versions too.

To test this you need multiple teams and channels. Change from channels in different teams. You will notice it refreshes more than once, wait until it stops and it should be displaying messages from a different channel.

This issue seems to be happening only when the internet connection is unstable. In normal conditions it’s working fine.

This is quite alarming because the user selects on channel, starts writting a message and the message is sent to the wrong channel.

Could you have a look. I will try to get some screenshots.


Hello, @RbDev

Tried to reproduce it on my end to no avail. Can you confirm on this part? What do you mean by the unstable internet connection? Were you switching between cellular and Wifi?

Also, can you confirm what you mean by “refreshes more than once”?

I had 3 different teams and multiple public, private channels, and direct messages on the sidebar. I switched between the channels and after the channel loads, the contents were displayed properly.

Had this tested from a fresh launch as well as when the app is already running.

Did you notice this recently after an upgrade of the Mattermost iOS app / Mattermost Server / iOS?

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To follow up from what @ahmaddanial said, could you elaborate on the meaning of

Specifically, if the internet connection is unstable due to speed, or signal strength, or both, and if it is possible, could you provide a network speed so that I can attempt to reproduce this using the exact network speed? Thank you!

You are connected to a network but the internet service is not available or keeps disconnecting.
Im trying to get a scenario to be able to repeat the issue.

Alright that sounds good, I’ll be watching for the specs so I can attempt to reproduce the same :slight_smile: