Android app very slow loading

Hello we are using Mattermost on our own server. On PC and Web everything works fine but the performance of the MObile app, specialy on Android, is very worse. Every time, wenn i get a Pushnotification it takes ages until the new messages appear in Chatwindow. Also sending messages does take ages. If i switch to mobile Website everything works ok and in real time.

My question: Is the App so slow? I can not use it in our company as Whatsapp alternative if it does not perform that great :frowning: We are using Serverversion 6.7.2

Hi Icemine and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

v2 of the mobile app is currently in the open beta, you might want to give it a try and see if it fixes your performance issues:

Hey thanks for the Information. It seems to work better but not all the time. Sometimes i can not send answers but yea i guess thats part of Beta :smiley: Looking forward to release. Do you have a schedule?

Glad to hear that - there are weekly updates to the v2 beta so it gets better every week (in theory) :slight_smile:
There’s no fixed release date and I cannot even guess, sorry, but personally from what I’ve read about the current state and features to be added I would not expect it to be released before the end of Q1/2023.

Ok thanks for the information! :slight_smile: