Mobile client feedback

hi there,

is there some place to provide feedback to the mobile clients, other then the play and ios store?

if not, I’d like to start one here:

  • mobile app feels sluggish - hangs
  • crashes sometime when taking a picture
  • new threads/messages are not on top like every other app

This channel on our community server Mattermost is a good place to share feedback. It would be helpful to know your OS and version. You can configure unread messages to stay on the top via desktop/webapp.

Hi Amy,
okay, hiding feedback behind a login window, even though its a community mattermost server, wasnt what i was thinking.

both Android (version 12) and IOS have those problems - multiple collegues have the same issues with it

“You can configure unread messages to stay on the top via desktop/webapp.”
The Android App simply does not care about that setting

I’ve opened a ticket for the unreads grouping issue: [MM-50310] - Mattermost.

For the other issues it would be helpful to have any reproduction steps, details on your server version, and any screen recording.

changing the setting from on → off → on brings back the functionality in the mobile client


with regards to the performance issues you’re experiencing: The app has its own database and the bigger it gets, the slower the app will be. After talking with the developers about this behaviour I experienced on my mobile client, they suggested to relogin to the Mattermost server profile that has the problem and in fact, this really fixed it for me. Logging out of the profile truncates the database and after a relogin, you start with a fresh database. Can you check if this also helps you and your colleagues with the performance for the time being?

I was a person who flagged this on the iOS app store. Following the Jira ticket cycling the desktop client setting for grouping unreads did fix the issue.

Hi @XWCraig, welcome to the Mattermost forums and thanks for the additional info!

Good to hear that this issue is sorted for you now - @mdc_decker can you also see improvements with the latest release (2.1) of the mobile client?

my gut feeling - no it got worse
the client just sometimes stalls and needed be killed manually

Did you try the relogin already in order to empty the local app database?

yes - but its hard do tell your customer/users to find and click the logoff button in a freezing app to unfreeze it
i also know that you can forcly kill the app but normal users might not know how
in the end its a bad user experience

I’m not saying that this is a perfect solution and the issues are being adressed already since there are a lot of reports for this behaviour, but it’s an adequate workaround for the time being, if it helps in your situation.
Being a heavy mobile user myself, I can confirm that this has always helped me when the app starts getting slower and it fixes the problem for about 3-4 weeks for me (but that highly depends on your usage profile).

If the fix does not work for you or your users, it must be something else and should be diagnosed in more detail then.