Application hangs after visiting "off-topic", IOS and Android


Mobile app, version 1.15.2, if any user visits “Off-topic” standard channel-> application hangs, only white screen and nothing helps, IOS and Android are the same…

Steps to reproduce

Mobile app. version 1.15.2 and server version 5.1.0 (enterprise ready, but enterprise options not activated)-> visit channel “Off-topic” from mobile app-> application hangs.

Expected behavior

Messages should be loaded and displayed.

Observed behavior

Only white screen, even no channel name.

Hi @Netrotor,

Would upgrading your server version to the newest one to see if that helps (v5.7)? If not, can you help share any Mattermost logs from the time this issue occurs?

Dear @amy.blais, thanks for your prompt reply, we didn’t upgrade server yet, and I should mention that mobile app. v.1.14 works fine, only new versions of mobile applications are affected…

UPDATE: following a post of Ilya Nastenko in Google Play (thanks him a lot!),
we’ve checked that in native (English) mode application (v.1.15.2) works OK.
Problem persists only in Russian interface mode.
Hope this helps to localize the problem…


There was a similar issue reported a month ago here:

It’s not the exact same issue but it’s similar in a sense that the problem occurs only in Russian language.

We haven’t been able to reproduce it internally yet, but I’ll ask our mobile team if there is something we can investigate here.

Hi @Netrotor,

Just to confirm, does this only happen in the Default channels? Do you have other active channels but you don’t see this issue on those other channels?

We were lucky that only “Off-topic” channel affected.
So we’ve temporarily moved out users from there…

Hi, @Netrotor.

I noticed that the MM-13974 - RN: White screen potentially related to russian translation was updated. So, please stay tuned for now. For now, please advise the affected users to utilize the English interface until the issue gets addressed.

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