iOS App crash hang on White screen

iOS app v1.26.0 crashes to white screen. Notifications still seem to work. Tried deleting app and reinstalling to same issue on iPhone XR.

On google chrome on iOS seems like screen is stuck pointing on a pixel. Have to rotate to landscape mode to send messages.

iOS crash

Is the server version where you want to connect below 5.9? If yes this would be a know issue and as far as i understood 1.26.1 would fix it.

@JtheBAB thx! We are on 1.26.0 build 253 and server 5.6.0 build 5.6.2 and townsquare seems to be working correctly now. The other channels crash upon loading though.

Hi @dogbert there were some known issues with 1.26.0, I’m not sure if it is what is causing the behavior that you are seeing, but it’s definitely worth upgrading to 1.26.1 and test if it helps fix this.

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It should work now ith 1.26.1. but sou need to update the server to at least 5.9 otherwise it could break again.

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Well, you could force restart your iOS device and update both iPhone and the app to the latest version. In addition, to fix the iOS app crashing and white screen stuck, you can use professional ios repair software, taking TunesKit iOS System Recovery as an example. This kind of tool will not give rise to any data loss during getting related problems successfully resolved.

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This is more in reference to this bug, which in my opinion was prematurely closed, but if you’re having trouble with the iOS app, delete it from your device and reinstall it fresh from the App Store.

Are you still experiencing a crash issue on v1.42.1 dot release version?

No, but I was having the same problem as mentioned in the bug ticket. I’m not sure if it was because the Mattermost server (5.34.2) updated, the iOS app (v1.42.1) updated, or my phone (14.4.2) updated, but deleting the entire app from my phone and reinstalling it fresh from the App Store seemed to fix the issue.

Maybe you need to update the app, so as to be compatible with the iPhone system. If no use, try using an ios repair tool to fix the white screen error or bugs.