iOS app not working with Mattermost 5.20.1


On multiple iOS devices, we’re getting a blank screen on the app. Are there any known issues with the Mattermost app for iOS and the latest MM version? We have bypassed our Nginx reverse proxy, and we’re seeing the same issues without any obvious errors in the logs. I’ve tried with the latest version from the App Store, along with the Beta version via TestPilot. I have attached a screenshot of the issue I’m experiencing.

What iOS version are you on?

I’m running the latest (13.3.1).

Hello, @mikespears

I believe that @joewai.tye is assisting you through the support ticket you created and once we are able to resolve the case, he will share the solution in this thread that will help other users who may run into the same issue in the future. Thanks!

I’m also interresting to hear what the solution is. I’m facing the same issue. After logging in to the mattermost app I only get a white screen. Nothing more.
I’m running the latest version of IOS

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the app?

Yes, I have. The classic app is working, but with the classic app I’m missing the feature to upload a photo directly from my Iphone.
Btw. I have also tried it with an iPad and on the iPad I also have a white screen

What iOS version, Mattermost mobile app version, and Mattermost server version are you on?

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Hi, @h.burgers

Mike ended up reinstalling Mattermost and it worked properly after that. So, we will need to gather the information requested by @amy.blais earlier to test it out.


  • Mattermost Server TBC
  • Mattermost iOS App TBC
  • iOS 13.5.1

Steps to Reproduce

  • Log in to Mattermost.
  • User is presented with white screen trying to load the app.

Can you also please confirm if you were trying to log in using local account / AD LDAP / SSO?

Mattermost Server Version: 5.19.0
The App is the latest from the Appstore version 1.32.2
and IOS is also the latest 13.5.1

On my windows laptop it is running fine. I’m logging in with my normal username.
I just receive a message from our IT team that they will update this weekend the server to the latest version. Hopefully this will solve my problem.

The server has been upgraded to version 5.24, but still same problem.
For the majority of the users within the company it is working. But only a handfull are having problems with the Mattermost app on their iPhones.
You can see the login screen, but soon after you typed the correct password you get a white screen.

Can you help confirm if you were trying to log in using local account / AD LDAP / SSO? Do you see the same issue with Testflight v1.33 version?

I tried to login with the local username.
But it seems that the problem was not just Mattermost. We have our mobile devices managed by a MDM system. I have removed this MDM from the iPhone and then installed Mattermost again. Now it is working correctly.
After that I installed the iPhone back in our MDM system and everything is still working.
The problem was that this was the only app reacting strange, so I didn’t look the cause by MDM, but at Mattermost.
Luckely it is now working again for me.

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Hi, @h.burgers

Thank you for confirming that the issue was resolved on your end. Would you mind sharing what MDM you used on your end, for example MobileIron or Blackberry UEM?

Would you also be open to share how it was configured? Please remove any sensitive information from the configuration before sharing it here.