Mattermost mobile UX worse than in previous versions

Unfortunately, the new version is significantly slower, which is particularly noticeable when clicking on a username or channel on the left, it takes a long time, and you can only send a message when the server gives the green light. Overall, the UX on mobile has become much worse. Are there any plans for an update in this regard?

Hi @hansdawan ,

there’s currently a known issue with performance on the mobile app and until this has been fixed, you can speed it up again by logging out of your profile and logging back in again. This sounds strange, but by logging out of your profile, the local database of the app will get removed and upon your next login, a new one will be created and the app should feel much faster then until to the point where you need to repeat this process because it got slow again. I have to do that every 4-5 weeks right now, but the interval depends on your mobile usage.

Hi @agriesser - thank you for your response. I will try your workaround and hope for an update soon to enhance the general UX.

The thing with the disabled send-button seems for me a design-decision rather than a bug. You have to know your users, when I’m in a hurry I don’t have the 2 seconds time to wait until the button starts to work, I want to click it and the system should try everything to deliver the message. Not sure if you’re the right recipient for this, but I thought I leave it here :slight_smile:

I think this is a valid assumption on your end, but I can understand that it’s not always easy to guarantee that a message will be delivered when you hit the send button although there might be reasons the system is not ready at the moment for receiving messages and it’s also hard for the app to make assumptions about the future state of the app.

The thing with the “greyed-out” send button is that this is definitely one of the issues you’re experiencing when the app starts getting slower over time, so the problem with it goes away when you “refresh” the database from time to time for now, at least in my experience.