[Solved] What's the status of the Android app?

We’re looking at open sourcing the Android app end of February.

We had tried using someone new to build the Android app and while the work made it to “beta” when reviewing the code we decided additional work was needed before we could open source and release the product.

We’re now bringing that work into the core team and so it’s taking more time than anticipated.

Would it be possible to beta test before that? I’m evaluating for use in another open source project and mobile is key for us. We’re 60 people currently on Slack and willing to switch. Many people in the team are developers, so probably someone would end up helping with an integration or a pull request here or there :slightly_smiling:

We want to share it as early as we can.

Available for testing too, and a little bit of code if needed :slight_smile:

Same here! Would love to help by testing.

Why you don’t release the source code while the app is in development? :smile:

I’m looking forward to the Android client release, and would be happy to test as well. We have about 30 staff and students using Mattermost in a public school. The students are keen to be part of a beta. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the offers to help test,

We have a pre-release version of the Android app source code and /apk file at https://github.com/mattermost/android/

Here’s a list of Android devices that have been tested so far.

Here’s instructions to test the pre-release version on your Android device.

This pre-release uses new APIs introduced on master that will ship with Mattermost 2.1 (shipping March 16), and test instructions include a procedure to access the Mattermost nightly builds server to test.

Do you plan a real app with good notifications or will you stay on a wrapper solution ?

@Auroch, we are currently working on a real native app using React Native.

Some more notes about it are here: FYI, project underway to increase mobile app performance on slow internet connections using React Native

Hi @Auroch, could you share any feedback on mobile notifications? Those should be working well regardless of whether the mobile apps render using a web view.

So it’s perhaps a missconfiguration issue but:

  • I’ve no sound notification when there’s update even if the information is updated on the mobile app. So if i check, i found the new informations, but i’ve not been notified.
  • when sometimes there’s a red bullet with a number on the top left menu icon and i clic on it, it give me the list of channel but there’s no more information on wich channel is concerned.
    I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S6

Thanks @Auroch

@lindsay would you know the status of the issues mentioned?