Chat not updating on multiple devices logged in to the same account

Ive noticed an issue with Server 4.6.0 and Client iOS 1.5.2.

When I have multiple devices connected to same account. Only the device I use first is receiving new messages. The others remain outdated(without the new messages). The only way to update the chat is by forcing the app to update using refresh gesture(slide down).

I can replicate it in my iPhone and iPad.

The mobile client should always be updated. This can be done by making sure the server is notifying all the connected clients or updating the client everytime it is activated(get focus).


just to confirm, you are not getting the messages in the app when the app is open on all devices? They aren’t showing up at all without a manual refresh?
It isn’t referencing push notifications, correct?

Assuming I understand the issue, I have not seen the issue on my devices (I usually have a couple androids, the webapp, and iOS open during development) but I am also running the edge mobile version.
I will try and reproduce and let you know what I find.


Ive tried to replicate but it seems its not happening anymore.

You can close this post.

Thanks @RbDev, I’ll mark this issue as solved :slight_smile:

Sorry but this issue is happening on v4.7.3.

I have ipad and iphone with mattermost running, logged using the same account and they display different chat messages. They are not getting updated correctly.

Hi @RbDev,

Thanks for your feedback!

Can you try upgrading to the latest version which released March 16th.

Please let us know which version of the iOS app you’re using? Is it the version from the App Store? What version of iOS is running on your iPad and iPhone?

Hi Lindy,

By default, apple store will keep the apps updated.

I’ve checked and I’m using v1.6.1 build 86. Last update was in released on 14 feb.

Both iphone and ipad have the same version.

I’ve checked apple store and the latest is 1.6.1.


Thanks @RbDev,

Just one question… what version of iOS is running on your iPhone and iPad?

the ios version is 11.2.6

Hi @RbDev,

v1.7.0 is scheduled for release on March 26th.

There have been numerous fixes and improvements which may help solve your issue.

Do the chats update across your devices if you manually swipe up to refresh?

Thats great news Lindy. I’m looking foward to it.

Sometimes manual swipe fixes it but not always. There are times when reset is the only way to get all the missing messages.

OK, let’s wait for v1.7 release and see if this is resolved for you then @RbDev?

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi @lindy65

Was v1.7 release sucessfull? I didnt notice any diference.

The message sync issue is still happening.

Hi @RbDev,

I’ll ask one of our mobile engineers to help troubleshoot this issue.

Hi all,

Was there any work done in regards to this issue.

I’m using server version 5.2.0, ios client 1.11.0 and it is still happening.

Not to be able to see some messages it’s a big deal since messages is the main funcionality of MM.

Hi @RbDev,

Can you help with reproduction steps and any logs/errors that you might be seeing?

I believe the header post explains it.

Open same account in 2 devices.

Ask your friend to send you messages.

Eventually 1 device will not update correctly and some messages will not appear.

The fact that the app was not on focus or the device was locked could be a factor.

It only fixes by forcing refresh.

Msg   Device A    Device B
     1   Hi Tony!     Hi Tony!
     2   Hi Steve!   All Good?
     3   All Good?

Hi @RbDev - Are you getting push notifications for those messages that seem to disappear?

mobile notifications? no because the app is opened at that time.

@RbDev In your previous message I think you mentioned the app was not on focus and in this case I think you should be getting push/mobile notifications.