[SOLVED] Messages getting duplicated in chat

My users use iOS client to log on mattermost.

They are using on the go(mobile) therefore you don’t expect connection to be available 100% of the time.

With that in mind, I keep getting duplicated messages. Same message at same time appearing twice.

The duplicated messages can be seen in web and mobile clients therefore I believe the messages are saved duplicated on the server. It’s probably an issue when sending a message from the sender client to the server.

It probably best to ask someone to have a look at it. maybe develop a better logic to make sure the message is sent once.



Issue created as requested:

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. Could you submit a bug report so we can track it? Details are available at: https://www.mattermost.org/filing-issues/

Thanks for making Mattermost better!


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Thanks @RbDev,

I’ve ‘solved’ this issue here and we can track via the GitHub issue you’ve linked above.

guys it’s v5.0.0 and we are still having this issue.

Are there any plans to have this issue fix anytime soon?

Hi @RbDev,

Thanks for reaching out. To give you the best help we can, could you review this web page and send us the relevant logs, config files, mobile app version, etc. so we can diagnose this issue?

server: linux 64bit box, running MM v5.0.0
ios client: 11.4(latest) firmware, mm client 1.8.

Thanks @RbDev - Would you like to test on the latest version (v1.9) which will be available in the app store within the next few days? The ticket to fix this was tagged for v5.0 but it’s possible that you will see the fix on the latest app version (we nowadays release new server and mobile app versions around the same time).

I can wait for the official release. I see other important fixes and improvements. Any idea when is 1.9 coming out?