Sidebar duplicate channels and direct messages

One of our users has got duplicate entries for channels and direct messages on the sidebar.

Steps to reproduce
She already upgraded to the lastes software version. We already tested this with the website as well and it is the same look. We don’t know how to reproduce this look.

Expected behavior
We want to see just one list of direct messages and one list of channels.

Observed behavior
The user see duplicated list of channels and direct messages and when she gets a new messages both of the channels are bolded.

Does this mitigation suggestion help Sidebar: Categories are being duplicated · Issue #15273 · mattermost/mattermost-server · GitHub?

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Thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately we are using the mattermost through so we don’t have direct db acces. I sent them a question regarding that, if they could run these queries so now we are waiting for their answer.

Thanks for your help, this is solved the problem. Thanks for your quick response :smiley: