IOS Mattermost Classic: Certain Messages are not sent to the server


as the great new native IOS App does not (yet) support IPad’s I need to use Mattermost Classic there for now. Unfortunately I found a serious issue with it in private chats.


The app get’s into a state where messages written in Mattermost Classic are not transmitted to the server. This is intermittent, but can be triggered by writing some messages to the partner without waiting for his reply.

The messages which are typed in MM Classic are shown quite normally in MM Classic as if they have been successfully sent to the server. But they do not show up at the partner neither in the chat of the user which uses MM Classic if he opens the chat on a different device or in the web server.

If the MM Classic is completely closed (the app is ended by the task manager) and then reopened, the affected messages are also gone here.

Steps to reproduce

Open a private chat between two users, one user is using MM Classic on the IPad.
Type a message on MM Classic. The first one should appear in the parter’s chat as expected. Without an answer, type 1 or 2 more messages in MM classic. The messages are still shown in MM Classic, but they do not appear at the partner.
If MM Classic is completely closed and restarted, the affected messages are also gone (hence they are not transmitted to the server).

The server logs do not show any error messages.

Expected behavior

All messages should be transferred to the server correctly.

Observed behavior

Messages are shown in MM Classic as sent, but they are not.

Tested with two IPads (IPad Air 2 / IOS 10.3.2) and IPad 3 (IOS 9.3.5)

MM Server: 4.0.2 (Currently running Enterprise trial)
MM Classic App: IOS 3.10.1

Apart from this: Maybe it would be useful to have a “transmitted” confirmation from the server like seen in other messaging apps like IMessage, WhatsApp etc. so one can ensure the server got his message

Hi @netmax - we’re working on reproducing this, do you know if it happens only on iPad? Or do you see similar issues on iPhone or Android devices

Hi @lfbrock,

I’ve installed MM Classic right now on an IPhone and was able to reproduce it within a minute.

Went with my test user (using MM classic on the IPhone) into a 1:1 chat with me, typed a couple of short messages from MM Classic (without answering from my main user). 3 messages went through, from then on not even one.

During typing of the messages in MM Classic, it was displayed “netmax is typing…”, but when the message was sent, it did not appear in the chat.

Restarted MM Classic, the messages which were not transmitted are gone (as expected) and it was working for the next 2-3 messages before it started the same way.

I can provide a video if you want, but I guess that won’t help you. Let me know what I can do to help you tracking this down.

I don’t have Android devices, so I just can test this on IPhone’s / IPad’s.

Hi @netmax,

Thanks for the additional info :slight_smile:

I’ve reproduced the issue - even from iOS classic app to Win7, Chrome browser and have created a ticket to track.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks, @lindy65!

I’m happy that you can reproduce it, that’s a serious issue as unfortunately the new app does not yet run on the IPad.

Pleasure @netmax,

I’ll close this issue off for now and we can track it via the ticket.

Hi @lindy65,

I can’t agree with the closed ticket status. It went a bit better with 4.1, but I’m still facing message losses in the described way.

That forces me to use the browser on the IPads.

Is there any update getting the new gen app to the IPad? Adapting the different screen resolutions can’t be such a big thing :wink:

Hi @netmax,

Thank you for your feedback,

Once we have a Jira ticket tracking an issue, we generally close it and track via Jira.

As for the new gen apps being released for iPad, it’s something the team is looking at but I don’t have details on specifics or a date this might happen.

Hi @lindy65,

I’ve seen the Jira ticket is closed as “can’t repro”, but that’s not true. I’m still permanently losing messages sent via IPad and we really need a solution, either the native App on the IPad or a fix for Classic. :confused::pray:t2:

Currently we have Classic on the IPads only to get push notifications and then change over to Safari to use MM - quite uncomfortable and not accepted by the users.

Hi @netmax,

Thank you for your feedback,

At the moment, iPads are not totally supported which could be the reason you’re experiencing problems.

Have you tried the “Mattermost” react native app on the App Store? Although this is under development with new features being added all the time and isn’t as complete as the Classic App, it might be more stable on iPad?

Our team has tried to reproduce your issue but we don’t use iPads so it’s a little difficult. It’s not reproducing for us on iPhone, iPod or Android. Not sure what else we can try until iPads are supported.

@lindy65 Did you ever see how ugly and unusable the MM app looks on the IPad? I do not even have my IPad keyboard! :confused:


Your devs need to compile it for IPad too in XCode!

Hi @netmax,

Thanks for your feedback,

Please help add your vote to this suggestion so we can track demand for the request?