[SOLVED] Outgoing Webhook Timeout Time

Is there a way to modify the timeout wait time for outgoing webhooks or force requests to use ipv4? The routing on one of my requests can sometimes take more than 5 seconds to complete. Sometimes curl has intermittent issues with dns name resolution (perhaps something to do with ipv6 vs ipv4 but my networking knowledge is quite limited in this arena) such that name resolution alone takes 5> seconds to complete. curl requests with the -4 option do not suffer from this problem.

The short answer is no. Mattermost requires that connections be established within 3 seconds, and that responses be returned within 30 seconds. The long answer is that you could fork Mattermost and change these constants to suit your case. You can see the details of our HTTP implementation here.

Ultimately I think my solution here is to just fix the DNS resolution issue as it shouldn’t be taking 5 seconds to resolve hostnames. Thanks for the response!