[SOLVED] Source Code use outside of Mattermost


I am currently building an internal authentication service to replace a legacy Ruby app.
This would either be closed-source. Or released on Github with AGPL License.
The licensing is not entirely clear to me.

I am impressed with the code quality and architecture of MM API side of things.
Is it possible for me to lift some of the code without running afoul of licensing.

Code I would be interested in leveraging:

  1. model/ - Config, User, Team(Group) models and utility functions.
  2. utils/ - All
  3. api/ User, Team, OAUTH Endpoints.
  4. app/ User, Team functionality.

I would be implementing my own DB Store and other integrations like LDAP.

Hi @dimitertodorov,

Thanks for your question,

Does this documentation help?

Thanks. That clears it up.


Pleasure @dimitertodorov!