About Mattermost

Good afternoon,

Well, my question is if it is possible to create my own system from Mattermost, if I can edit EVERYTHING in the developer version, both on the webapp and on the server, thus doing my own platform.

Is this allowed? So even creating functions on the platform that Mattermost needs to pay? (E10 / E20)

It’s legitimate, right?


Mattermost’s open source software is licensed under the GNU Affero Public License, a free, copyleft license giving you certain rights. You can find the full license here, and I encourage you to read it because it outlines your rights as a user of the software.

You can also modify the source code or create plugins that provide enterprise features, provided you’re not violating trademark restrictions or the Mattermost license. For example, if you want LDAP integration without purchasing Mattermost enterprise, you can use this open source module.

If you have specific legal questions, however, I would talk to your counsel about them.