Mattermost license question


We have a question about Mattermost’s license.
Currently, we are considering using the open source Mattermost as a commercial service.

We know that Mattermost is MIT licensed, but do you also allow images of Mattermost web screens to be posted to the websites we manage?

The image below.

Also, please tell us any other points to keep in mind when posting Mattermost information on the websites we manage.

Hi there @masashin

I believe that you are referring to the Mattermost Team Edition which is our open source, private cloud alternative to proprietary SaaS for team messaging.

Here is a summary of open source licenses used across the system .

Quoted on the last paragraph from the documentation

To avoid confusion, derivative open source servers created by the 1% are required to use their own distinct name and logos, and may not use the Mattermost name or logos, which are trademarked.

Unless you are planning to make changes on not using the MIT licensed server version of Mattermost, it should be ok to post screenshots as above for information of the Mattermost product.



Thank you for the answer.
We checked the license information provided and understood that there is no problem in using it under the MIT license.

Since we use Mattermost under the MIT license, we will also use screenshots.
From now on, I will check the page provided for the license.

Thank you.