Customization of Mattermost Team Edition


That software is great.

I would like to know if there is some way to customize the Mattermost Team Edition. I saw in the licence that only the following folders content could be modified :

  • templates/
  • config/
  • model/
  • webapp/client
  • webapp/fonts
  • webapp/i18n
  • webapp/images

I would like to do just a few other change, but i could not find a way.
I’d like to :

  • modify the Constants.MATTERMOST_ICON_SVG, in order to get my own icon for the messages system
  • remove some button from the menu like “Help” of “Download apps”

Is it a way to do that with the Team Edition licence please ?

Best regards

Hi @eilijah,

Thank you for your feedback!

You’re welcome to use the software per the open source license in the source code, just two things to keep in mind:

  1. Per the trademark guidelines when you’re offering a fork for use by others, please remove Mattermost branding (name and logos). This is standard in open source.

  2. We’d encourage you to merge in security updates as they’re released.


To add to this:

  1. Some of the menu options (like Download apps) you can remove by removing the links in the System Console / config.json
  2. There’s some notes here on how to white label Team Edition: