Can i receive all the source code after my payment?

As an enthusiast for Instant Messaging, I’m interested in deploying a self-hosted Mattermost instance and develop some new features. Can i have access to full the source code and then develop on it? Are there any constraints in this process, like a requirement to go through official servers, or potential limitations on specific capabilities? I’m willing to pay, but I need clarity on what source code I’ll have access to after payment and how paid versions differs from the free version in terms of source code. Additionally, could anyone provide specific pricing details for the enterprise edition subscription?

Hi Jordanli,

Welcome to the Mattermost community forums, and thanks for showing interest in contributing to and deploying Mattermost!

To answer your question, Mattermost is open source. This means you have access to all source code and can absolutely develop on it. You can find the code for our server and client on our GitHub organization at Mattermost · GitHub.

However, if you’re looking for the enterprise features, Mattermost offers an Enterprise Edition which comes with additional proprietary features not available in the free open source version. While the core platform remains open source, these premium features are not, and the source code for them won’t be shared.

Regarding whether any processes go through official servers, Mattermost’s intelligent backend and deployment options ensure you maintain complete control over your data and infrastructure, there are no forced connections back to Mattermost or other outside servers.

Concerning the pricing details for the Enterprise Edition, it depends on the number of users and the specific Enterprise features you are interested in. You can view the different plans and pricing on our website at Pricing | Mattermost.

In case of further questions, need for clarification or assistance, don’t hesitate to reply or create a new topic!

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