[Solved] Successful first user with mmctl, can't login using web

Currently working two Mattermost 9.4.2 installations on RedHat 8.9.

In our production environment (which is an ongoing installation), I was able to successfully create the first user (sysadmin) using the mmctl command line with the --local switch. However, the login to the web interface to http://:8065 states “The email/username or password is invalid”. I’m certain the username and password that I’m entering is correct.

Our development environment has progressed further to a working configuration. However, I’m able to reproduce the same issue with a test user. When in the System Console, I can see the new user listed and not deactivated.

EnableLocalMode is set to true for both systems.

Is there something I’ve missed?


Using the mmctl command line tool, I found it is important to enclose the password string with a single quotes.