[SOLVED] Token expiration date


When in Mattermost 3.0 I post a request at : mattermost-address/api/v3/users/login with the Json {"login_id":"login", "password":"password"} this return a Token in the header. Does this token expire?

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Hi @xgerber,

Yes the token expires, you can set the expiration time for the token in System Console -> Security -> Sessions -> Session length LDAP and email (days):

the default value is 30 days.

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Thanks @elias for this answer.

An other question, is it possible to renew it with a restapi call?

Hi @xgerber,

This token does not work as an OAuth2 token that has a way to use a refresh token for that, in this case you’ll need to call login again.

However the OAuth 2.0 Service Provider is being added in Mattermost 3.3 and is being release the 16th of August, right now you have Mattermost 3.3 RC4 available if you want to test that functionality, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the documentation on how te set it up.

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