[Solved] Users All Display as Logged Off


Certain users on our team see all other team members as being logged out.

Steps to reproduce

We have about 20 people at our company and only 2 of them have this problem. One is using Windows 10 and the other is using Windows 7. When a user who’s account works on another computer logs in using one of these two computers, the same problem occurs which indicates it is a setting on the computer or perhaps some network config issue. When users log in from different network locations/configurations, the issue doesn’t change, so it’s likely a computer setting rather than a network issue.

Expected behavior

Users on the left-hand “Direct Messages” section and the channel dropdown should indicate with color and icon that they are logged in/connected.

Observed behavior

Users under “Direct Messages” on left hand menu appear as grey with an “x” even though they are logged in/connected to the system and other users on the same team who are working properly can see them logged in. The channel drop-down for users at the top also displays users as being logged out.

Update: Looks like the computers in question aren’t supporting websockets for some reason.

Avast was blocking websockets on port 80 (we are currently running non-SSL). We will eventually switch over to SSL, but for now, disabling Avast seems to address the issue.

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