Some posts missing in desktop client


Desktop client users sometimes have missing posts until they refresh

Steps to reproduce

Happens unpredictably, currently with desktop client 1.2.1 / mattermost 3.2.0 but also reported with earlier versions. Might only happen after a period of inactivity (not sure)

Expected behavior

If posts are shown in a channel, users expect all earlier posts to be visible too

Observed behavior

Sometimes an earlier post is missing, and remains missing even on further user activity, until they do a refresh in the client. There is no indication of the missing post at all, and other users can see it, so users may not even realise they are missing one (unless surrounding conversation makes it obvious!)

On earlier versions I saw an issue where a newly-joined user’s posts was invisible until next refresh, but the issue reported here can affect well-established users who were already in the channel, etc.

Thanks @gubbins for the report,

We’re aware of an issue where if the computer goes to sleep, new posts aren’t always properly re-fetched when it wakes up.

We are currently tracking the issue in Jira on the server side, and a separate issue is open for the desktop app as well.