Months of posts disappeared from Town Square


An odd thing happened today, where a Team Edition instance with over 12k members, and a Town Square of one team with a little over 2k, suddenly had 4 months of posts disappear, going all the way back to February. There is only one Team Admin, and no posts have been manually deleted. Why might this be happening? I see nothing in the logs to indicate a reason, or reference to this sudden disappearance…

Hi @RemoteHost, what server version are you on? Do the messages re-appear if you refresh or clear cache?

Hey @amy.blais!

The version is 5.11.0, and no the messages don’t reappear. All members of that Team seem to be experiencing the same thing with just that channel. Oddly still, if I paste a permalink within the ‘missing’ period, all the posts are restored. And then in the same tab (tested also on 4 devices), if I refresh the channel itself (, they all disappear again…

@RemoteHost Is the Town Square channel read-only? ( Does the channel have lot of posts, or does it mainly just have join/leave system messages?