[solved] "Message deleted" placeholder now showing up permanently?

Back in Mattermost 1.1, when a message was deleted, a “message deleted” placeholder showed up until the next reload after which the message was gone forever. Now (in latest dev version of 1.21) when I reload, the placeholder shows up even after the reload, despite the behaviour still being specified for “unseen” deleted messages in web/react/stores/post_store.jsx.

Does anyone know where I can go to look into this behaviour to change it back to disappearing forever? (Also, does anyone else encounter this behaviour themselves? I edited a few configs and disabled an emoji process, but that’s all I changed.)

Aaaaand it seems that clearing my cache solved that problem. It’s weird that the cache would keep it like that, though.

(How do I mark a problem solved or closed?)

Hi @joezeng, just add “[Solved]” in title.

There’s an issue with upgrading to v1.2.1 where the cache needs to be updated, and I believe on master there’s a fix now to flush the cache when the client is out-of-sync with the server version.

That should hopefully prevent this issue you’re seeing when v1.3 ships,