Mobile iPhone App - Messages don't delete?

Hi all,

I’m using Mattermost on my Synology NAS. To connect to the LAN a VPN connection is established.

The issue:

  • when deleteing messages or files uploaded to channels in Mattermost they all get deleted as they should in the Mattermost desktop app and via the web browser. Meaning: they disappear from the channels. This is fine.
  • but, whatever you delete using the Mattermost app or via the web browser, even though it disppaears there, when you get into the mobile app those files and messages are still visible in the channels. You have to delete them once again using the mobile app. Of course when you do that, nothing happens when logged into Mattermost via the desktop app or web browser, because these same files have already been deleted.

Is there a fix to this or should I be better off to just use a bookmarked page from the web browser instead of the iphone Mattermost app?


I believe that, if you opened the messages on your phone, before deleting them, they get cached. Try not deleting them again on the phone, and wait a bit, and eventually they get synced and also disappear from the phone. At least that has been my experience.

nah, that’s not the case with mine. Days have passed and nothing is happening, the messages I didn’t delete on the phone are still there in the channel.

@Mart1r - What is the Mattermost server version and mobile app version?


App version: 1.53.0 (Build 404) - iPhone

Server version: 7.0.1

Using the same app version here, also on an iPhone, server version 7.0.1 and I cannot reproduce that.
On the mobile client, you should then see “(Message deleted)” where the original message appeared.

My reproduction steps:
Open desktop app on the PC, logged in with User “x”, post something to my own 1:1 channel.
Open iphone app, logged in with user “x”, see the message posted on the desktop.
Delete message using right click → delete on the desktop app.
iPhone app immediately shows “(Message deleted)”.

When you follow these steps, the message on the iPhone app is still there?
Does the behaviour change, when you click on the 3 dots in the top right of the app → Settings → Advanced settings → “Delete Documents & Data”?

Is this also reproducible on any other mattermost server, f.ex. you could sign up on the Community Server ( and connect to this server on your mobile phone and desktop app - if you cannot reproduce the problem there, my next suspect would be a problem in the communication between the server and the mobile app (maybe a websocket issue or something like that).