iOS App not refresh

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iOS App 2.0 beta, category and message isn’t refresh.

Steps to reproduce

  1. From Desktop Client,
  • Delete message
  • Add new category
  1. Confirm Mobile App 2.0
  • Message is remain
  • New category is not visible.

Expected behavior

Observed behavior
App shutdown and restart

Mattermost-Sever 7.0.1
iOS mobile app beta 2.0

Hi @Eooooq, feel free to post v2 bug reports on our community channel here. I’ve posted about this here Mattermost.

What Mattermost v2.0 build are you using? (Currently the latest build is 411).


Same issue build 411.

Deleted message from Desktop client, web but app is not.

The solution was to delete the app and then reinstall it.