iOS app messages disappearing issue

Hi all,

Something new I’ve noticed with the iOS app client v1.11.0.
Messages already received with multiple text lines tend to disappear after sometime already seen.
So you end up with:

Msg 1 - Hi Johny. How are
<<< Blank White Space >>>
Msg 2 - I’m ok.

Could you have a look at this?


Thank you for the report @RbDev, I’ll test this out today.

@RbDev I’ve been unable to reproduce this and Chat not updating on multiple devices logged in to the same account so far, but we are doing release testing for v1.12 in the next few days so I’ll keep an eye out. I’ll also ask our team if anyone has seen this in case it’s a bug that hasn’t been internally reported yet.

Ask someone to send you long messages.
Scroll up and down and give it some time.
Eventually part of the message will disappear.
I can help replicate if you want.

Update: I’m working on testing this for the next few days as I haven’t been able to repro yet.

Any luck reproducing this issue?

Hi @RbDev, I haven’t been able to reproduce this yet, but it is on my list to investigate / test further. It might be a connection issue.

It looks like a render issue.

Let me know when you are available.

I help you replicate it.

There you go. Very easy to replicate.

All red marks are missing texts


Hi @RbDev, I realized we already have a Jira ticket open for this here:

This issue is a bit different on ios 12, MM client 1.12.0.

The white gap doesn’t appear anymore, instead you see the message going outside the screen.


Hi eliohammer,

Thanks for your attempt but the issue is a layout problem in mattermost.

The text area is not the correct size to display the messages correctly.

hello, RbDev
I am so sorry I could not help you, I hope you can get your issue fixed!:blush: