Read and restore local cache as last-ditch disaster recovery


Hello folks. I’m part of a (~1000 people) community who’s server admin went rogue and deleted everything. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to extract locally cached messages (cached from the desktop app), but I’m having trouble figuring out the schema/how to get leveldb to play nice.

Any suggestions?

Hello, @ArnSch

Generally, there is no way of recovering locally cached messages to restore the server. A couple of questions from my end:

  • May I know if you happen to have any database backups that you can roll back to prior to this incident?
  • Would you mind sharing the status of the Mattermost Server database and file storage as of now? Is it completely wiped out (i.e all database tables & storage are empty)?
  • Can you also share a little bit more on what you mean by deleted everything? Do you have any historical background on the process?

You can share the information directly to me if it is sensitive. Thanks.