Messages missing 1 week after upgrading

I upgraded my mattermost server to 7.10.5 last sunday (30 Jul) from 7.9.1 and everyone was able to send messages

This morning (7 Aug) all the messages were missing from 30 Jul.

After some investigation, logs showed that it couldn’t connect to DB for the whole week but was able to run and accept and serve messages. (how’s that possible? it’s super strange!)

Further probing, the postgres database owner has changed to an admin user instead of the usual user stated in my config.json admin user has no rights on the mattermost database.

Is there any way to recover the week’s worth of messages? I am able to see the attachments in the data folder.

Mattermost is running on Apache Linux (QNAP) server on Postgres 10. We have turned off MM server for now.
To add on, one of my colleague’s phone is still able to see the week’s messsages on her Android phone’s MM app. Anyway to sync it from the phone back to the server?

Settled, seems that it was postgres pg_wal issue.

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