Spell check language not longer chooseable?!

My colleagues used to switch between German and English spell checking with a right click.
But that functionality seems to be gone now.
As I read in the change log:

  • Improved the spell check dictionary to provide more accurate spelling suggestions in more languages. The spell check language is now automatically based on the operating system setting.

Does that mean that in a German OS we can no longer use English spell checking?


Please see Desktop App Custom Dictionaries — Mattermost documentation for a workaround.

Hi Amy.

I set up a Linux web server, unpacked and renamed the files and put them in the WWW root. I set DNS to use “dict” for the server and set the URL “http://dict” in my Mattermost client.
When I type “This is a test” then “is” and “test” are marked as wrong. Don’t steal my blues is completely unknown. Why?
How do I check whether the URL is even found and used?


Not directly related to your question, but the desktop app 5.0 released today supports multiple spell check languages.

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I have the desktop app v5 but i can’t find where to choose the spelling language, can you explain how to do?

You can try: