Missing English UK Language

According to Site configuration settings - Mattermost documentation the English UK language should be present in my installation, however this is not the case.

Originally deployed via turnkey image where mattermost was on version 7.7.1, installation was step upgraded and is on latest 9.7.2 release.

Steps to reproduce

The language does not appear within the lists in the Localization area of the system console and if I try and set it in config.json and restart mattermost it selects a totally different language from the list.

Expected behavior
Can select English UK

FWIW, in the link to the docs there’s “en” and “en-AU” No “en-UK” I’m asking about that, if it’s an oversight or a bug or a deliberate decision that was made at some point. So, right now, while it does seem odd that English - UK isn’t an option, it looks like the supported choices are colonists of one sort or another :smiley:

Thanks for the response! :slight_smile: Yes ‘uk’ is in fact Ukrainian! That became more apparent after a fresh login…

Looks like there were threads in the past about including British english, and there was a voting page for Australian/British English, but only Australian made it!

I’ve never heard of English - Ukrainian! I’d expect that to be UA, not UK.

Thanks for the link to the voting thread, someone here knew AU was there but not UK for “a reason”, and I was able to supply that reason! :slight_smile:

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Hi @john.oliver

I’m not sure I’ve quite figured out the reason myself! Is there any intention to create an en-GB? Apparently the Australian option would be a closer match for us brits due to the more recent colonisation but a UK (or en-GB (the terms often get mixed)) would be better.


The best answer I have is Localization | 0.2.1 | Mattermost Handbook