Wcag - possible improvements - language setting


People with disabilities cannot use mattermost for chat if they need to work in french.

Language defined for the UI : if you modify the language parameter in the user profile, the change is taken into account in the translation but the “lang” attribute in the HTML tag is not dynamic
=> the speech synthesis tools cannot be used.

Steps to reproduce

Version 5.20.2

Expected behavior

This attribute allows you to specify the language to the speech synthesis tools.

Observed behavior

What did you see happen? Please include relevant error messages and/or screenshots.

Hi all,

i guess this is the same problem:

Despite the conf for locales in config.json is “fr”
“LocalizationSettings”: {
“DefaultServerLocale”: “fr”,
“DefaultClientLocale”: “fr”,
“AvailableLocales”: “fr”

The source of the html pages of mattermost remains with html lang=“en”. And i would like it becomes html lang=“fr”. Is there any way to do that ?

Thank you and regards,