Strange error message

Hi, sending a direct message to one user i got “[2017/05/10 18:48:40 CEST] [EROR] Device push reported as error for UserId=uwqwpd5o9t8txx57mkrxth7jzw SessionId=iupzm3hjgj8kbxfmgft7k3zuwr message=Failed because of missing device Id serverId=m394jgprsp8cbqemgabaf9hfec”

any idea what to do?


Thanks @wambacher for the report, a few questions:

  1. Does this only reproduce with that one user?
  2. Does it occur each time, or only sometimes?
  3. Does the user receive the message?
  1. it’s the only user of about 50 that is having that problem.
  2. yes, each time
  3. no


And the user hasn’t been deactivated from the System Console?