Suggestions for a new Mattermost documentation framework

For some time now we’ve been trying to figure out a way to render Mattermost documentation so that it:

  1. Supports export to PDF
  2. Supports localization
  3. Supports includes (e.g. write the SMTP install instructions once and include it in all install guides without copy and pasting everywhere).
  4. Doesn’t require us to mangle our folders and naming conventions
  5. Supports table of contents
  6. Supports search

Right now, no matter how hard to try to find a markdown solution, it seems Sphinx is the only framework that supports what we need.

Any suggestions from the community?

By looking at the docs today I see you guys switched to Sphinx. How is it going so far in your opinion?
I have a project at work that has similar requirements and was wondering about your experience with it.

It’s good,

If you go with Sphinx and want PDF export, I’d recommend using .rst instead of .md from the start.

We started with .md and it just doesn’t have the support needed for tables and notes, etc. that we need for PDF export.

great tip, will look into it.
thank you,