MatterMost Wiki Integration

Our team thought it would be cool to have a wiki feature in mattermost to use as a knowledge base as an alternative to the hated confluence.

Any Thoughts?

I agree that a Wiki / KB would be cool, but shouldn’t this be done via “Integrations” to keep Mattermost as close to its core as possible?

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Yea That’s probably the best way to go.

Hi @yocode, @joho68,

Thanks for the feedback!

Are either of you interested in creating the wiki integration?

That is something I’m drawing right now.

The information is changing, projects like are the thing right now.

My idea is something like that, but integrate a bot(or when implemented, the custom reaction buttons) and an external Knowledge Base (so we can search outside mattermost too).

I’m looking at osticket, phpmyfaq, mediawiki and others to be the backend.

The idea is to use a discussion to create knowledge on the backend (maybe made by a “Curator” role on the chat) and rely also on the backend to perform bot searches within mattermost.

That is a pure implementation of communities of practice, saving knowledge of the day to day, and probably stop the endless tickets that are opened everyday.

I’m looking for too, but as far as I see, both projects are missing some points. Mattermost have the question2answer integration that can be extended for something like that.

I’m up for discussions on the topic.

This post is quite old, but has something like this happened since or not ?

You can register a webhook for a channel and simply use the MediaWiki Slack Extension.