Integration with Discourse

We’re wondering if it’s possible/feasible to integrate Mattermost with Discourse, so that signing up on one would create an account for the other (or both use the same login either way). This would be fantastic, so that users only need to register and log in once.

Hi @matt,

Thanks for filing a feature idea on this one:

We’ve included a link in one of the key tickets to enable this–which is providing an example and documentation for outgoing API calls (which could be extended to do this):

(I wasn’t sure which place was better for a feature suggestion so I did both.)

Awesome, that’s great to see. Thanks!

Thanks Matt! 7 votes and counting for Discourse Integration. I could see us doing this for ourselves soon :slight_smile:


Well, Discourse is getting a chat plug-in.

I wonder, what I would prefer.

The Discourse team is currently using Slack for internal communications, so if you really nail this integration, you might be able to woo them :wink:

The same goes for my own open source project. We’re using Discourse for our community and Slack for our team chat. The chat log limitation of 10k messages has turned out to be more annoying than we expected though…