[SOLVED] Discourse integration with Mattermost

:wave: Hi everyone. I’m participating in the Google Summer of Code programme, working on Discourse (the software that you’re reading this in!).

I’ve built a plugin for Discourse called discourse-chat-integration. It allows for “cross-posting” posts on Discourse into a number of different “instant messaging” applications, including Mattermost.

This is great way to combine the long-form, ‘archive-ready’ conversations you may have on Discourse, with the “quick fire”, real-time nature of instant messaging conversations.

The integration works using Mattermost’s support for “Incoming Webhooks” and “Slash Commands”. Once set up, interactions look something like this:

/discourse help


/discourse follow support
/discourse watch announcements
/discourse status


If you’d rather not use Slash Commands, you can also configure the rules in the Discourse administrator panel.

Then, whenever a new topic is created in the Support category, or a new post is made in the Announcements category, you’ll receive a notification in the Mattermost channel looking something like this:

Information about the plugin can be found here:

and Mattermost-specific set up instructions can be found here:

I’d love to hear any feedback people have, or suggestions for future improvements. Feel free to respond here, or on either of the topics on Discourse Meta that I’ve linked above :smiley:


I set up the first Crowdfunded “Flash team” back in 1999 Details here

I used UBB Threads to “run” the organisation. This is an early version of Discourse. We had some 2000 members with zero management structure. By sharing information the community did the right thing and the campaign was incredibly successful.

18 years on we are looking to take those lessons learned and apply them to a new business model

Combination of Chat (Mattermost) with Forum type software is a Good Thing. Hats off to you for identifying the need and doing something about it. We will certainly use it if we decide to move from Slack/Googlegroups.

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@davidtaylorhq Thank you for sharing details about your discourse-chat-integration project! Would you be open to sharing your project also via https://www.mattermost.org/share-your-mattermost-projects/? Your project would then get added to our App Directory and we would promote it on social media.

Thanks @amy.blais, I’ve just submitted the project via that form - please let me know if you need any more information.