Platform support for Real Time Communication

Many thanks to @jlebleu for feedback today over Google Hangouts about how Mattermost can better integrate with open source real time communication offerings (phones, webRTC, voicemail, etc.).

Here’s features we discussed for future releases of Mattermost (very open to discussion on any of these, would love to get as much feedback as people are willing to share):

  1. Ability to extend user profile to add Click2Call link passing in user GUID
  2. Hidden properties on user and other objects to link users across
    systems (username probably isn’t the right place)
  3. Ability to change user property in real time (e.g. availability)
  4. Webhooks to push a) text into channels (with appropriate authentication), b) files
  5. Play audio files (type?)
  6. Internationalization
  7. Ability to extend a) Profile UI b) channel header UI with components that can callback to 3rd party systems

Hi @jlebleu,

It looks like we have 4, 5, 6 done and need to add 1, 2, 3 and 7.

Wondering if anyone in community was interested in helping build the foundation for RTC in Mattermost?

This would largely be collaborating on the design of the remaining items and then having your help implementing them,

Hi, Have you guys tried applying in Google Summer of Code? (the deadline for applying is over now). You can get dedicated resources for this task. Meanwhile I can help in implementing RTC in mattermost to keep the task going.

Hi @it33,

Continuing the topic almost after 2 years after :slight_smile:

Would like to continue to think and may be contribute on points 1,2,3 and 7. Already tried to extend user profile, but as there is no generic way to do it in mattermost merge has to be redone at each mattermost version.

Do you have any plan to be able to add kind of UI plugin so external application can interact or something like that ?