Telephony Integration


I am working for a small French company developing open source enterprise telephony software.

We have the idea to integrate some communication functions in Mattermost as

  • Updating user status (changing the small green icon) if the user is busy at the phone
  • Allowing user to make a call by clicking on an other user
  • Updating user messages with info on phone calls
  • Allowing user to change some telephone profile (forwarding …)

Is there any good practice to follow to do this kind of integration, of do you have any clue of where to start to be able to be the less intrusive possible with Mattermost code. Any idea of where and how to start in the code would be welcome.

Thanks for answer.

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Hi @jlebleu,

Thanks for the question, and the interest,

Definitely voice and video are important to communication and Mattermost would benefit from those features,

To your specific questions:

  1. Custom user status - first request on this we’ve heard, please consider adding it to our user feedback forum?

  2. Launching call action from user profile popover - There’s an internal ticket to get Skype integration here, it could potentially be extensible. We’re working on getting our internal ticketing system made public, but it’s going to take some time to scrub out our internal data (we should have thought of this sooner).

  3. Not sure on this one–do you mean sending a user a message when a call starts and ends, or is it more like letting know user know someone is calling?

  4. Here are some early designs around an “AppCenter” we’d like to build for apps to plug in for users to use:,

While we don’t have timelines for these, when we figure out the right way to expose our systems, that should give detailed visibility of what we’re working on short and medium term, and what’s planned long term,

Regarding 4), we’re building AppCenter to support partners like you, so any early feedback you might have would be highly appreciated,


Thanks for the answer, I will try to push more details into uservoice. on point 1 and 3.

Anyway, would like to be able to setup a mock-up to study faisability, any idea where to start in the code ?


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Hi @jlebleu,

While we have an internal ticket to write-up an architectural overview of Mattermost for developers, it’s not scheduled yet, and we’d need to wait until our APIs are more stable (we’re only in alpha right now),

How we internally would do a feasibility study would be starting with screenshots of the UI, and mocking up the changed need for the new functionality, and work backwards from the end-state to the feasibility checklist (similar to the AppCenter spec in 4, above),

I don’t know if that helps?

Telephony is something we definitely want to offer eventually, and we’d want to have an open platform for different solutions to plug in,

We have a ticket internally right now for a simple Skype integration where we add a person’s Skype ID to their user profile, and allow people to call their Skype ID from their profile popover, but that’s dependent on new profile functionality, which doesn’t exist yet–so even for our team it would be difficult to mock up in a way where we could take a pull request to support the feature.

That’s where we are right now. Every release we aim to upgrade our docs, the focus for v0.6.0 shipping next Friday is on install, we’ll aim to have better developer docs in a future release,


Would it be possible to do create anonymous Jitsi Meet rooms instead of Skype connections?

The Jitsi API also has the benefit of choosing audio only, or audio + video, etc.

Jitsi seems to have better support for large groups too.

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I’m interested in your integration. Please post your website when the project is ready for live use. My team dam beta test this too