Voice Messages Record and Play Feature

Hi all,

Sometimes the user is busy and unable to type. In this scenario, the best would be to record his voice and make it available in the chat message.

It should be as simple as click “add voice”, record what you want, press send and it’s made available on the server for others to listen.

It’s a great feature and it should be supported by the client apps.



it would be awesome if this feature will be addded into mattermost

Hi, everyone.

Old topic but I just wanted to share my finding today. Came across the following plugin that might be a good workaround to this:

Take note that it is not working on mobile app for now based on this issue.

That’s really great! Do you plan to develop this feature also for mobile app? That would be awsome for our users! All the best!

Hi, @sqsmacz

There is a limitation as Mattermost does not yet support client side plugins on mobile as mentioned in this topic 2 years ago.

Still a work in progress.