Feature Idea Discussion

This category is for discussion about ideas for new Mattermost features. For more information, refer to the guide on How to Propose New Features.

If this is your first time here, please review the welcome topic to familiarize yourself with these forums.

How to Use This Category

  1. Search these forums first to see if anyone else has already started a discussion about your topic. If so, join the ongoing discussion and voice your opinion.
  2. If you want to discuss a completely new idea, create a new topic and share as much detail about your idea as you can, including:
    1. Information about where this feature would exist within the existing Mattermost experience and how it would change the current user experience.
    2. Screenshots that illustrate your proposed changes.
    3. Examples of situations where your idea would be helpful.
  3. Hundreds of feature ideas from our community have been implemented into the Mattermost open source project. If you’d like to formally propose a new idea, create a new suggestion in the Mattermost UserVoice and get your friends to vote on it!