Message forwarding or sharing

This idea comes from our daily conmunication. We often want forward the important messages or interesting messages to others. So our team solve this.
When we want to know wheather somebody need this in the forum, we found the idea Reply or forward messages to another channel and vote it.
We wish message forwarding could be used for more and more friends and we have the solution to solve it. Surely, we also can make this solution better and better.

We hope for recieving your suggestion!


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Hi @andywang,

Thank you for your suggestion!

We have this suggestion open on our forum which you can add your vote to. You, and others, have up to 10 votes on the forum to up-vote suggestions you think would make your use of Mattermost more valuable.

The more popular a feature idea is, the better chance it has of making it into the product!


Hi @lindy65 ,

Thank you for your advice.

Perhaps, I am sorry that I didn’t make it clear.

To be honest,We have the solution for this suggestion and our user use it well. They share the messages or files to others.

So we want to contribute this solution very much. Is any other way can contribute it? We wish to know.


Hi @andywang,

Sorry, I totally misunderstood your first post!

It’d be great to have you help contribute to Mattermost. You can find information on how to contribute here.

Please let us know if you have any other questions :slight_smile: