Forward a direct message to another person (or channel)

The forwarding functionality introduced with version 7.2 is not enough.

In the daily business one of the most cases is:
A colleague sends you a direct message with some important informations maybe also with some documents as attachments.
And you would like to forward this message to another colleague, because you think also he needs this informations.
Now in mattermost you have to do the following:

  • download the attachments of the original message.
  • copy the original text message
  • create a new direct message to the other colleague
  • paste the text message
  • attach the downloaded original attachments
  • send new direct message

Why not implement this functionality with a simple menu point that can forward a recieved direct message to another person (or channel)?

I suggest to implement this functionality because in my daily life and work with mattermost this function is one which I would need most and it would save me a lot of time (and I know a lot of other people who desire exactly this functionality also very hard) .

Thanks for the request and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

I can see you already posted this at the user voice platform, which is a good place for such requests.
Also there have been some talks lately about the already existing message forward functionality and how it could be improved and there were lots of users who would want to have this feature just like you described it, so I’m positive that it will be implemented in this way in one of the next few versions.

Dear Agriesser,

I would like to add something to the above requirement:
We have a requirement to send a “direct message” to another user, regardless of which channel he belongs to.

However, we do not want to make this solution available to every user, i.e. the existing possibilities should remain as they are.

Is this additionally possible?

Best regards,

Hi Helmut,

is this really the right thread? We’re in a thread with regards to message forwarding here and the initial post does not seem to be from you. Can you confirm?

Hello Aggrieser,

you are correct. User csa-it i not the originator of the initial message.
I am the originator of the initial message.

Best regards