Forward messages between teams

Hello again, Is there a way where a user that has access to 2 teams can forward a message or image between teams? Even though some users don’t have access to both teams.

I see the forward button but you need access to the team that the message has been forwarded from.

Hope this makes sense

Hi @FigmentJames,

This is unfortunately not possible at the moment, because the forward is just a link to the original post and not a real duplication as you would expect when compared to an e-mail forward.

Right now, your only option is to use the “Copy Text” method and/or create a screenshot of the original post and post it in the other team.

Hi @agriesser

Thanks for your reply again. Hopefully, this can be a feature for the future :slight_smile:

I hope so too - feel free to raise your voice for this feature on the Mattermost Productboard.