[SOLVED] Indication for new message from another team

Hey there,
I search and couldn’t find an answer…
Is there a way to have a visual indication on the browser interface that one has a new message from another team? I spend most of my time with one team area displayed on my browser, but I need to switch to the team areas to check if there are messages from other teams. It’ll be nice if there’s an indication (i.e. a circle with the number of message in its center on the corner of that 3-dot vertical menu next to your name).

I’ll gladly add a suggestion to the design forum if it doesn’t exist.


Thanks @Limi for the suggestion!

We have an existing feature request here, which I encourage you to upvote and track its progress.

On a side note, we’re considering to add a “teams sidebar” for people who belong to multiple teams, so you can see notifications across multiple teams easier:

You may also consider using the Mattermost Desktop Apps, which supports connecting to different teams across multiple Mattermost servers from a single interface, and switch to them with shortcut keys.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the screenshot, it looks promising. I’ll go ahead and upvote in the existing feature request.